Energy Mastery Training

My vision is to assist women all over the world in speaking their true voice, access their knowingness and live the life they were born to live.

-Joyce Brinton


Experience a unique method of healing

The purpose of this course is to give you tools to understand energy and healing through the mechanism of working with your own aura, chakras and energy bodies. Multiple energy bodies will be discussed, worked with and resolved. The more you experience your own energy as clear, the more you are able to experience the power and force of energy in and around you. We wish to offer you the tools and techniques to take you through the journey of Mastering Your Energy and Mastering Your Life more fully and harmoniously.


I took the Energy Mastery Class in September 2017. It was a real crossroad in my life, I needed change. My health was bad, my financial situation was failing and emotionally I was a wreck. During the class I went through a lot of painful shifts. Upon completion I had no pain for a few weeks. I repeated the class in November and am happy to report that I’ve gone back to work doing massage, I bought a car and my asthma is improving daily.
— Jackie Begay, Massage Therapist, Payson, AZ.
Energy Mastery has changed mine and my family’s life in many ways. The two most impactful ways is dealing with anxiety and coughs. I have dealt with a low level of anxiety for years. Now, I have freedom from it!! My anxiety lifts and my mind feels clear, it is a miracle for me. As for my family, I have used the cough energy protocol a dozen times in the past 2 months. Each time I have seen miraculous results. I also use these tools all day as a Life Coach with my clients. I keep my energy clean before meeting with clients. It is a tool I am so grateful for and will always use.
— Keira Poulsen, Life Coach, Mother of five, Queen Creek, AZ
I have used the Energy Mastery tools to clean my energy field every day. It has given me clarity, and the ability to move more fluid and without resistance. Immediately after taking the class in September I went to Atlanta to take care of my daughter in law who had a severe injury to her ankle and foot. I worked on the energy of the injury twice a day for 6 weeks. Her doctor was amazed when he checked her. She is four months ahead of the healing process they predicted and she has gone back to work.
— Angela Braxton, Health and Wellness Coach, Mesa, AZ.
I use the Energy Mastery tool every day to keep my energy field clean. I know it is a stretch to say this but I have never felt this good in my whole life! I feel more clarity and free from so much mind chatter.
— George Brenner, Bee Keeper, Mesa, AZ
I am grateful for the privilege of taking the Energy Mastery class. The difference it has made in my life is the ability to heal myself both physically and mentally. The skills have helped me in working with family and friends. The class has given me many tools to help cope with day to day living.
— Fay Jaussand, Coach, Phoenix, AZ.
Energy Mastery has helped me manage stress, not just my own but other’s too. It has made a difference in my life both physically and mentally.
— Grace Guderian, High School, Gilbert , AZ
The Energy Mastery training has changed my life for many reasons. I never imagined my mind could be clear and rid of the mind chatter that likes to take me down. Whenever I have felt anxious about an upcoming event, or just a daily task, doing an anxiety cleanses eliminates all of that. I am definitely more grounded, confident, and am not afraid to take on new things because I know I have a tool that will help me with anything I face. I have seen more miracles from using this tool than I thought possible. It is a life changer!
— Joyce Brinton, Life Coach, Energy Mastery Instructor, Gilbert, AZ
Your seminar was the most sincere sisterhood i’ve experienced in a long time and possibly ever. It was well put together and had your wonderful energy there. You are inspirational to say the least. I appreciate being around you even though am I horrible at showing it. I truly look up to you. Your input along with the other strong women was so helpful and made me hopeful.
Words for your seminar:
Inspirational, true sisterhood, strength, love, warmth, kindness, bravery, charity, hope, touching, a celebration, courage out loud, an invitation, and heartfelt. I’m sure there are better words than these even.
— Hollie
This seminar was truly EYE OPENING. I had no idea the limits and boundaries I was putting on myself. What an empowering and amazing experience. I would highly recommend to any woman anywhere in the world.
— Brooke Wood