I Belive

What inspired me to come to China in the first place? Did someone just say, “Hey go teach in China it is a cool thing.” No, when I was first asked, I was told it was an academy of women who are learning to “take a stand for themselves, and have a voice to make a difference in the world. “ Now, that is what spoke to me. Where is that happening in China? Right now, in XinzhengHenan Province.

We sang the women’s anthem tonight in class which says: World Academy were courageous helping women lead around the world, world academy were inspired helping women lead around the world, world academy were committed helping women lead around the world, world academy global citizens helping women lead around the world.

Every time they sing it I cry of course. Then we recited the Academy Oath. “As a member of the World Academy for the Future of Women I am committed to the advancement and acceleration of women’s leadership worldwide. I am empowered through the discovery of my passion, my purpose and my path to success. I will be courageous and will act with honesty and integrity. I will go beyond my personal and geographic boundaries. I will be generous with my time and resources. I will honor and respect the rights and dignity of all people. I will widen my vision for what is possible and strengthen my capacity to lead. I will live a meaningful and fully expressed life. As a global citizen, I will take responsibility for my action and will live my life in harmony with the planet. I make this oath freely and give my word to keep it. “

It is powerful to hear the women recite this in English and in Chinese. I continue to tell them stories of why I am here.  I love seeing not only their growth but seeing mine as well. When I step out of myself in a big way by coming to China I get to see not only what’s possible for them but for me too.

I am an imperfect person with my flaws, brokenness and selfishness. When I come here I get to step out of those weaknesses and experience a sharing like I have never experienced before. I believe I am doing a great work.  Al Sacharov said “The key is to trust your heart to move where your unique talents can flourish. This old world will really spin when work becomes a joyous expression of the soul. “I feel like this work here has become a joyous expression of who I am.  When I get up in front of my students and teach I see someone I don’t see anywhere else. When I look into their eyes they give me permission to offer them everything I have, to love them purely, to teach them completely and to express myself without hesitation. I believe I am here for a reason.  Walter Anderson said: “Believe in something big. Your life is worth a noble motive.”

I never thought I would do something that would be so rewarding. Not to be redundant but I will say in this post over and over:  I Believe. I Believe nothing is too good to be true, I Believe there is a plan for everything, I Believe opportunity is everywhere, I Believe change is possible, I Believe in new beginnings, I Believe in following my heart, I Believe You and I can make a difference, I Believe We can make a better world, I Believe in today ,I Believe in giving back and paying forward, I Believe there is a Light at the end of the tunnel, I Believe that angels are watching over us, I Believe that We eachhave a purpose and there is a plan for us to follow if we step into it, I Believe in people, I Believe in love, I Believe in kindness, and generosity, I Believe in forgiveness , I Believe I am here because a power greater than me brought me here and continues to.