Mother's Day

I am a lucky girl is what the students say to me and I have to agree. I got to celebrate two mother’s day events. We are a day ahead of the states here so I awoke Sunday morning to many texts and cute little sticker characters with flowers falling down my phone screen from past and current students. They all call me their American mother. I got the most generous offer from one of them. Her message said: “Happy mother’s day to you, happy to tell you, today you have the privilege to have pelvic examination free, and they will give you a carnation.” I was so excited but denied the offer as I was too busy. Actually it did make me smile but I was not really interested in getting a pelvic exam in China. I’m not excited about getting one in the U.S.

I received some cute little trinket gifts and lots of hugs. I cannot tell you how much love there is here from the students. I am continuously amazed at how generous and full of love they are.

We interviewed 175 students to be members of the Women’s academy last week. It was a very full week. We were only able to accept 80 so had some very disappointed women. After we sent out the acceptance notice we had girls show up at our door, on our wechat and leaving me notes begging me to please let them in. They said they would do their best to improve in every way if we would let them be a member. That’s tough! I want them all but the biggest factor is their English comprehension. All the teachers teach in English and if they do not understand me at all they cannot come to class.  It has been hard and I still have a few girls pushing and really begging me. I have to meet with them today. It has been a really busy week.

This week we are preparing for the 9th annual Women’s symposium. There are many speakers coming from the states tonight and tomorrow to speak at the event. The academy members are busy practicing their speeches to present their projects. It is so fun to see them progress and put so much time into perfecting themselves. I love hearing how they say things in their translation and really hate to edit out what they say. One of my favorites is a student who has been practicing her speech for the mother daughter tea to express her appreciation to her grandmother who raised her. Her experience in the academy has made such an impact on her life she said about the facilitators “They have been a bridge to bring my two worlds together.” She sees clearly where she came from a poor village, living in an adobe home with her grandparents and 7 children, (her cousins). They had very little but they felt much love. Her grandmother is coming to the tea so she can express her thanks. Her grandfather died in 2014 of cancer and she shared her expression of “a son or daughter desires to serve but his parents are no more.” She wants nothing more but to serve her grandparents for raising her and giving her whatever they could.

Gratitude is what I see, Endless gratitude. That’s what I received on my mother’s day and that is what I feel. I am thankful to be a mom. I am thankful for amazing children, Thankful to be a Chinese mom, Thankful to have so many opportunities given to me to experience love and share my love.