My Fears Are Emerging

I have been inspired to return to teach in China, been supported in getting there and now feel the fear. Marianne Williamson said ” Our worst fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” I was very fearful when I went last time having no idea what I was going to experience.  Now, I know how powerful I can be and the light I was able to share while I was there. I am afraid of what it can be and what it cant be. I find myself questioning what I am doing and will it be the same or even better?  I know when doors of opportunity open and I walk in them I am never sorry, but it doesn’t mean I am not afraid. My fears are there to challenge me and make me look at myself. If I weren’t afraid I would question that. I guess I question a lot of things I do. I have a statement on my vision board that ” I submit to my knowingness, and i trust my knowingness”.  When my gut said it was time to go back to China, I listened and committed the same day. I knew I would be afraid and back out later if I waited. I will trust the fear is here for me to step into and learn from. I learn most from things that are hard and that I fear.