My KTV Experience

My KTV experience, 

I was told I couldn’t come to China and not go to KTV. I did not know what this was until the students explained it to me. It is a karaoke bar, sort of.  They rented a big room with a stage and cushioned benches with two big screens on the wall. A computer is available to choose the songs to sing. It was like a big party. We paid for the premium package for 5 hours we reserved the room and got a table full of snacks; fruit,nuts and seeds.

Girls came and went throughout the time we were there. I only stayed about 2 hours. It was very loud and the music was interesting. All the American songs were by Madonna, Brittney Spears, Brandy, Avril, Lady Ga Ga, and a few by the Beatles and The Carpenters.  The songs had the words and music videos of the singers but the actual songs were sung by someone else and slower than the original.

The students love this. They don’t even care how they sound they belt out the songs like they are trying out for the next American Idol. They do not seem embarrassed about their voices cracking or sounding bad. I am not a singer and thought there was no way I would sing. When I saw how it didn’t bother them, I decided to join them and sing my little heart out as well.

One of the men from the Men’s Academy was with us. Jackie actually has a good voice and you can tell he was experienced at this. The girls said he loves to sing and they always bring him when they go. He had the microphone up to his mouth and sang with feeling and emotion. He chose love songs and family songs with a story because he says “you can put your emotion into it.” It was fun to watch him really get into it.

I noticed the styles of dress in the music videos and dances of the Chinese songs. It seems to be fashionable to have uneven bangs, strands of hair even an inch longer than the rest of the bangs. The more ruffles, bows, studs, chains, and buttons on the clothing the better. It is all so cute. I would not wear it but it is fun to see the things they wear.

We got on the stage and danced away to the gangnam style song. They thought it was funny I knew the dance and could dance. They took a lot of pictures. I hope I don’t end up on someone’s we chat video but I have no control of that so I will let it go. We had fun.

After the KTV about a dozen students came over and hung out in my room. I think they are feeling the time nearing my departure and want to get as much as me as they can. I feel the same. I like to be with them because I know I won’t see them for a while. I think I will probably come back for their graduation. Many of my first students in 2011 are graduating in May and want me to attend. They call me their American mama and I need to be here for their graduation and for photos of course.