Returning Home

I apologize for not finishing out my trip. I left off the last post with my train ride to Beijing and the miracles of my student Grace accompanying me. I failed to share another miracle that happened while I was riding on the train.

Last summer I met a wonderful woman named Patience from Ghana. She was a true prayer warrior. I believe I wrote about her. I have not spoken to her since last November because she returned to Ghana to visit her family.  While I was on the train praying for angels to watch over me and help me to make my flight the next day I received a beautiful text from Patience. Her text said this “My dear sister how are you? I am sure our Heavenly Father will always take care of you. My sister I hope you will forgive me. I do not have long distance plan, that’s why I have not been able to call you. I just want you to know that I will remember you in my prayers. May you all be blessed, love Patience.”  As the tears ran down my cheeks I knew in that moment that my prayers were being answered. This true angel, prayer warrior was being directed my way at a great moment of need for me. I texted her back thanking her and asking for her prayers in my behalf in returning home to America.  Her sweet prayer and answer was this: “My dear sister, the love of God will always bind us together. After your message I went on my knees to ask our Heavenly Father to protect you and bring you home safely. Let us keep his promise with us wherever we go. Isaiah 41:10 ; do not fear, for I am your God, I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous hand, I will continue to pray till you get home. May you feel peace from heaven. Shalom, amen.”  It is truly the answer I was looking for, a tangible answer and a quick one at that.

I don’t often speak so openly about my faith here but it was such a powerful experience I had to share it. I know that I was very afraid and felt as helpless as I have ever been. First of the all the miracle of Grace even showing up at the airport was amazing. Then, she accompanied me to Beijing. We got the only 2 train tickets left, one first class the other a regular one. She arranged for a driver once we got to the train station in Beijing gratefully so because we were bombarded by drivers following us wanting to take us at a very high price. We made it to my hotel and my other student was there waiting for us and had already spoken to the airlines and made sure my ticket home was approved. “All is well she said you will get on your flight smoothly tomorrow.”  I felt so blessed!!

With my worries gone about getting home I was at ease with going to the Great Wall the following morning before my plane left in the afternoon. It was wonderful to go with 3 of my students and my friend Sharyn. The drive to the wall was beautiful countryside with forests and sheep herders in the woods. There were fields of flowers and it was so green. I kept saying how much I loved the drive there and my students said “we can just turn around Joyce you are so happy with what you are seeing you don’t even need to see the Great Wall.” Not so, it is on my bucket list, a must see while I am in China. I finally got to see it. It was beautiful, a magnificent work in stone and mortar amongst a lush green forest. I am so happy it worked out to see it.

My flight home was great, no problems, no questions asked. What I learned is that God has my back! He is watching out for me. Things didn’t work out like I planned but they worked out. I was not left alone, I was not forgotten, I was not without companionship, I was not without angels, I was completely taken care of.