Do You Know How Great You Are?

I have an apology to make to all those who read my blog. I stopped writing when I returned from China 5 months ago. I’m sorry. It’s as though we had a lunch date every day and I just quit showing up. I’m back. I am still in the states but will return to China again in May. I have had numerous experiences since my return but life brings distractions and that’s my excuse.Lame as it may be it is what it is.

My students continue to inspire me with their determination to be perfect. Those who are graduating this Spring are taking a lot of graduate school exams. They keep retaking them to get better scores. It is quite remarkable to see their drive. I am quite sure I have never retaken an exam on purpose. Except life. I get a retake each day I wake up. When I open my eyes each morning to a new day it’s a retake.Maybe I didn’t get done what I wanted to yesterday or act on an inspiration, but with a new day I get to start over. That’s why I’m starting my blog again today. It’s a new day.
A good man looked into my eyes after a meeting last and looking into my soul said “Joyce do you know how great you are?” I was moved to tears and left the room crying. I wish I could look each of you in the eyes today and say: Do you know how great you are? Do you see beyond your physical shell? Retake your test today and do something you’ve been wanting to do or felt moved into action and have ignored. Just remember this ; “YOU ARE GREAT”.