Run Home!

When my son was 5 he got to start playing T-ball with the local community parks and rec. It was so much fun to go watch him play with all the other little guys. They were so proud to wear their shirts and matching hats that first big game day. My son got up to hit the ball and took the intentional step forward his coach taught him to do and swung hard, only to hit the t stand instead of the ball. He eventually hit it with a few tries. The parents in their lawn chairs visited with each other and a few got a little anxious when their child was up to bat. One of his teammates surprised us all when he got up for his first bat. He hit the ball with such force it flew over the pitchers head into center-field. He stood there not knowing what to do next. The coach encouraged him (as well as the audience) to run to first base. As he was running the boys in outfield were either catching bugs with their mitts or wrestling on the ground to see who could get the ball first. As the player reached second base the crowd of parents were yelling “RUN HOME” “RUN HOME”!! What happened next surprised us all and gave us a good chuckle. The little fellow ran past second base into the outfield towards the street. His mother got up from her seat laughing and ran after him, “he’s running home she said”.

How many times do you want to run home when things get hard or you don’t know how to do them? I know that was my first response my first three weeks in China last fall. It was hard and I just wanted to run home where it was safe, comfortable and easy. My entire being stretches and grows every time I go to China. I do things I never thought I’d do. When I am asked to speak on a subject I know nothing about I say YES. It is a constant movement of forward action in accepting challenge and change. I have come to realize though, that is where I come to meet my true self. I don’t meet myself when I am comfortable.I do so when I accept challenges that are uncomfortable.
I have a new job now and that is why I feel so much discomfort. It’s a challenge outside of my comfortable world. I am scared. I know there’s exhaustion as well as exhilaration in pushing forward, but I will do it.
Poppy was a student I interviewed to be a recipient of a generous scholarship. She had lofty goals that started as early as grade school even though she came from extreme poverty. She was chosen for the scholarship by myself and other committee members. In her letter of gratitude for the award she wrote “I can’t decide my birth, but I can decide my fate. I’ll always try my best to learn and gain all knowledge to enhance my ability to help more people. I’ll become a useful person to the society.”
I add my sentiments. I want to help people in every continent to grow , embrace the joy of awakening and become whole , complete and awake to their true self.