Love Left In China

I have decided to start a new mantra while I am here in China. I will love every moment, look for the good, enjoy all the little things, and overlook the not so good.  I have been here for 3 days now and could name all the things that have happened that were frustrating, scary or unexpected, but instead I will share what I love.

I love the term “It’s my pleasure”.  I have never used this term much in the U.S. but it is used on a regular basis here in China. Every time I am served by one of my students and I thank them, their response is inevitably “it’s my pleasure”.  I don’t know if I have said that when people thank me for things I have done for them. I am going to start that.

I love hearing music playing on speakers across campus, sometimes it is oriental music other times it is something else beautiful. The chimes that ring on the hour always bring me a happy feeling in my heart.

The foreign faculty members who are still here are so friendly and greet me with love and open arms.  I love visiting with them at meals in the cafeteria and finding out what they have been doing. I admire them for staying here for years. Some of them have been here since I first came in 2011.  They have found a home and feel comfortable in the environment and of course love the students.

I love being greeted at the airport by smiling faces with a bouquet of lilies and a sign saying “Welcome to the World Academy for the Future of Women”.  It actually brings me to tears every time I see it. I know they are committed women who will do anything for us (the facilitators) because they appreciate our sacrifice to come and teach them.

I love having a personal assistant. Saran is mine this time and we have never met. She wants to make sure that at all times I am comfortable and have everything I need. She will send me messages asking if I need anything or to go anywhere. We went shopping in the rain yesterday and got all the necessities I did not bring with me.

I love the beautiful silk China blankets I have discovered. I bought some more yesterday to bring home. I slept curled up in one last night. I feel like a caterpillar curled up in a cocoon when I wrap up in it. I had someone tell me they want to suck their thumb when they wrap it around them.  I just love the soft feel and the light weight.

I have a new room this trip. It is much larger and brighter, better lighting and a fresh new feel to it.  I like having more space. I am sharing the room with a friend who came with me to teach. We each have our own bedroom and bath. The heat for the showers is regulated so I will learn to shower early or late in the evening.

Abraham Maslow said: What is Life for? It is for You..

Louise Erdrich said: Here I am, where I ought to Be….

I have to say, I am here in China where I ought to be for the next 5 weeks.  I will love my life here.