Four Miracles

I am back in China for trip number five. Every time I return I think it is my last trip. When I get that twinge in my heart that says “time to go back” I say” yes”, but still go kicking and screaming. I don’t like leaving my family and comforts of home for 5 weeks. I am spoiled. I like things the way I like them, my bed, my shower, food, vehicles, and language communication. There are a lot of discomforts of China I consider when I commit to going back.

Miracle #1: I have already experienced miracles in returning to China. I took $800 out of my personal account last week to get exchanged for foreign currency. I was not sure how I would pay it back. I asked some friends and family for support. Yesterday I received a few more checks that totaled $795 in donations! I am so grateful!

Miracle #2: I ordered some charms on oriental trader to make bracelets for my students as gifts. {It is kind of ironic that I am ordering from a company that probably gets their goods in China to take to China}. The charms were supposed to be delivered last week but did not come. The night before I left I was at Hobby Lobby at 8:00 p.m. looking for charms. I interrupted two ladies who were talking about jewelry making and asked if they knew where I could find 100 charms that time of night. They said they didn’t know of any stores open they have gone to. One of the ladies, Mariel said” I might have 100 charms.” I asked if she would sell them to me and explained that I needed them for my students in China that night.  She took my business card, went home and checked to see, called me 30 minutes later and said “yes I have 100 heart charms I will sell you for $25.” I was elated and picked up 110 charms at 9:00 p.m. I still had to finish packing and called my teenage neighbor girls enlisting their help in putting a heart charm on a rope I got earlier. They said Yes!!! At 11:00 p.m. the girls brought over 100 bracelets all made in a bag ready to put in my suitcase. It was a miracle!

Miracle#3: My China orchid plant in my kitchen window continues to amaze me. Every time I leave or return from China it gets new blossoms. I noticed a few days before I left it had new buds on it ready to open.

Miracle #4: I booked my flight on Priceline and found the perfect schedule for $1100 round trip. I have students who have graduated who are now working in Shanghai and Beijing. This flight had an overnight lay over in Shanghai going so I could have dinner with my students there. On my return flight I have an overnight layover in Beijing so I can have dinner with my students who reside there as well.

I continue to be blessed with so many miracles every time I go to China I cannot help but to think I have a purpose greater than I can see and name.  I don’t always know why and quit asking once I get that confirmation in my gut that I am supposed to go. I just go with the flow and have faith it will be whatever it is to be.