Miracles Happen

When I wake up in the morning singing “I believe in Miracles”, I think it is time to write about it. If you google song titles about Miracles there area lot which tells me I am not the only one on the receiving end of miracles. I witness miracles every day, some big, and some small. Sometimes they go unnoticed for weeks, until I recognize what happened. Miracles come in ways we can’t explain. I have always said miracles happen in the world of “weird”, because when one happens don’t we say “wow that was weird”? Accepting and acknowledging miracles for what they are is also living in gratitude. When I feel grateful for what each day brings me I am happier, live in joy and step out of a victim role.

A miracle happened for me yesterday. When I woke up with the flu, I was panicked. I had a client from 10-12 and a speaking engagement in the evening. Just lifting my head off the pillow made me sick. After a prayer pleading for a miracle, I lay back down and slept for another hour. At 9:0-0 I felt good enough to eat a piece of toast and shower. By 10:00 I was in my office feeling fine. At 12:15 I thought I would run some errands.. I started feeling sick again and went home and crawled into bed instead. Every time I got out of bed thinking I would read or write or do something constructive I got sicker. When 6:00 rolled around I felt good enough to get up and eat some fruit. By 7:00 I arrived at my speaking engagement feeling fine. When the evening was over and I got to my home I was weak again. Was it a miracle? Absolutely! It was exactly what I asked for. Let me work and speak was my request.

Miracles happen outside of what we can do or accomplish . We are a busy, ambitions , going, doing people. If we want something bad enough we find ways to make it happen. Miracles occur outside of how we can do it ourselves. We do not earn or deserve miracles they are given by the grace of God. I had no control over my illness yesterday. There was nothing I could take or do to make it go away. Only a miracle could do it , for which I am grateful.

Another miracle is about to happen for me. I have had on my vision board for 2 years that I go to the Philippines with my daughter.She was a missionary there and I would like to meet the people she learned to love and loved her. On May 21 she , her husband and I get to go back and experience her life in the country she loves. From there I will take them with me to China for my women’s academy graduation. It will be so great to share the world that has become my second home with her as well. I will write about my experiences while I am there.

Open your heart and mind to recognize the miracles in your life today. My cup runneth over, how about yours?