Push Forward

Have you ever had a phone call that makes your heart leap because it will be the next step in your growth? I had one of those today. I always talk about how I like things easy and comfortable. I just push myself when I have to. Therefore sometimes God sees something in me I don’t see and he pushes me. I heard a quote recently that said “There is very little comfort in the growth zone and very little growth in comfort zone. “ I guess that is why I get pushed.
My Chinese students are such an example to me. They tell me I give them strength, I get it back in return. I asked one of my freshmen students if she will remain in the academy next fall because I know it is a big time commitment for them and it requires a lot. This was her response. “Yes, of course I love the WAFW very much; I will stay here next year. I want to change myself and help others. After all, in order to see what we want to be, we need to make some changes. I will take every chance and drop every fear.” I learn so much from them.
I know inside myself that each time I do something that challenges me it forces me to face my fears, my inadequacies and my doubts. “Often it is the deepest pain which empowers you to grow into your highest self.” I say I want to write my book but I have not written in months. I have felt called to do this inside my heart and mind. Why do I let so many distractions stop me? I am pushing myself to write this blog so it gets my juices going and makes me think. I truly do sabotage myself with distractions of what needs to be done as opposed to what I feel called to do in my very being. What are my sabotage’s? The house needs cleaned, work, church, grand kids, stuff. I will continue to push through these as I hope you will too. Don’t we all have distractions? What are yours?