Walking Through Open Doors

While sitting at the kitchen table Sunday evening I realized I had not responded to an important email. My phone is handy but I don’t like using a hand held device to type any more than a paragraph. The grand kids were running around, boys throwing punches, baby dolls needing rocked  and the kids were visiting with each other. It was not the most convenient time to pull out my laptop, but I did. I looked at my email and noticed a new one from an acquaintance I had met at some of our Academy meetings. I was curious but followed through with my response to the email that was urgent.

The night before I taught vision boards to a group and talked about walking in the open doors. What does that really mean? For me it feels pretty crazy how it happens and continues to happen. Another analogy for it might be ; when you’re hungry and manna falls from heaven you eat it. I felt hungry before I went to China. My request was “find me a place to use my talents and direct me there”. I had on my vision board ” I go to other countries to empower women to take a stand for themselves and have a voice.” When the manna fell and the opportunity presented I ate it and felt nourished beyond anything that I have ever felt. When I came home I got complacent and enjoyed time with my family. When I started feeling hungry again (seeking purpose) I asked for it and it is presenting.  There’s no clear message when I ask for things. It’s not like I get a written text from God saying “here’s your next move.” It presents in ways that may not be recognized at the first glance. I’ve learned to listen to the pull and grab on my heart and solar plexus. If I get shaky or fearful or feel like I just put my finger in a light socket I know that’s my answer.

That’s what happened Sunday night. I opened the email from this acquaintance. She said she was invited to attend a women’s retreat in Long Beach California and could take one guest. My name came to her and she invited me to attend http://www.limitlesswomen.com/.  My first reaction was I hardly know this person why is she asking me? I looked at the website and immediately felt intimidated by the appearance of a room full of powerful , philanthropist business women. I felt a strong sense of fear and immediately responded with “no I don’t see myself as a philanthropist or a business woman.” She responded with “look it over again and look at unstoppablefoundation.org, the organization we support through donation at the retreat.

It was the viewing of these sites that gave me the electrical shock, the call to my heart and the surrendering to some greater cause then I am aware of. I responded with a yes, we communicated times, and dates and I booked a flight to Long Beach! I did all this within about 15 minutes, no looking back, no questioning, pondering, just answering the bodily responses to go do this. The unstoppable foundation helps educate children around the world. Currently they are focusing on AFRICA! Yes, it looks like I’m getting pulled in that direction, so I just as well quit fighting it. I have to quit asking “why” and just say “yes” when the manna falls. I wish I were content to sit in my easy chair and read a book. There’s nothing wrong with that, I just don’t think it’s my pathway.

A new buzz word these days is “what is your purpose and passion?” I even have it on a flier for my classes. I don’t know if I can answer that for myself other than “to follow where my heart and body leads me.” Some may not have a clue what to even ask for. I know I didn’t at one time. Now my request is to be lead in the direction where I can use my personal gifts to make a difference in the lives of others. I asked Suri in my phone for a definition of philanthropist. She told me “someone who serves charitably for the good of mankind.” I guess I am a philanthropist after all.

There was a card on my vision board for about a year that said “I collaborate with women to start a philanthropic group to teach leadership skills.” I took it off a few months ago, and put it in my notebook thinking it would not happen. It came out and is back on my board again.