What's Possible

As I was laying on my bed this morning with my head hanging off the foot of it, stretching my neck, I read my vision board. I didn’t start in the top right corner, as usual, but at the bottom right corner. One of the cards on the board says “I go to Ghana with Patience, Hannah, Lynette and Randa with a purpose”. After reading that and counting to 8 with my stretches and then moving to my back to do the same, my thoughts were purely negative. I just kept saying to myself; “That’s crazy, you are not going to Ghana, what are you thinking? That’s not possible.” I keep thinking ” my China experience was a great one, and I have some wonderful stories that have impacted my life from it, why do I have to go to Ghana? ” Is it fear that is stopping me, the unknown, or am I just tired? Maybe I need to take a nap.

Most of the things I write about on this blog are about building character, and the things I have learned from day to day experiences that have helped me, to change my life into one I am happier with.
Donald Miller is a favorite author of mine , in his book ‘A Million Miles in a Thousand Years’, (I highly recommend this book) he states ” A story is about a character who wants something and overcomes conflict to get it.” I am always wanting something more, what can I do next or what is it I need to be doing. I say I trust God and my own Knowingness to help me to get there but that’s not true. I’m afraid I am telling God how I want my story to go and play-by-play telling him how I want each segment to happen. If I really had the faith to let God write my story, I would follow the prompts from Him when they came in.
A person who is acting in a play has a script to memorize, while they are rehearsing they sometimes have someone off stage prompting them with their lines. This is how I see God trying to prompt my life. After reading my vision board this morning and denying the things I wrote at one time with Inspiration I had the opportunity to get a few prompts or boots in the seat of the pants. While attending church today, a woman who has heard me say that I wanted to go to Ghana came up to me and said; “I heard a woman speak last week who just returned from Ghana. I told her about you and she wants to talk to you, here’s her name and number.” Of course you must know my thoughts by now were; “What? I just shut that door on that possibility this morning while lying on my bed stretching, I am not going to Ghana!” I smiled and thanked her and took the number.

I went into the next meeting and saw a woman I hadn’t met before. I introduced myself to her and asked where she was visiting from. She said; “I currently live in Utah but just returned from living in Ghana the past 2 years.” I worked hard not to gasp but felt my heart leap and thought;”OK God what is it you want me to learn here and what do I do?” I visited with her for a few minutes before class started and asked if I could talk to her about her experiences there. She seemed happy to talk to me and quickly wrote down her name and number and handed it to me.

Upon my return home from Church I was still thinking; “Do I take a nap or do I go visit this woman who is only in town until tomorrow?” I accepted the challenge and visited with her. She dissipated a lot of my fears and gave me even more reasons to go to Ghana. I wrote about Patience from Ghana being a woman of great faith. I guess that is common among all the people of Ghana. She said;”God is a part of their life, they are genuine and are in tune with themselves, with you and with God.”

Sometimes I think I am a slow learner. Why can’t I just remember what it is I get when when I walk in the doors as they open for me? I have taught about the man who walked along the path and came to a wall, he couldn’t figure out how to get over it so he threw his hat over the wall. Now he had to figure out a way over the wall to get his hat. The walls I hit are my fears. If I want to continue to build my character and my story then I won’t give into the fear, I will crash through it. How can I pass up the doors that have opened for me today? They were immediate answers to my denial of ‘what is’, what needs to be and what can be. A writer named Julianne Friedrickson said; “The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.” I am back on board with Ghana, it is calling me. All I can say is;”Stop pushing away the things you know you’re called to be doing right now. If nothing is calling to you, then ask.”