Where Are Your Feet Taking You?

Where are your feet taking you?
When I look at the foot of a newborn baby I love the little toes and the soft dimpled skin. Where will these feet take him or her? What will they accomplish in the first year of their life? Infants make such incredible leaps of growth and learning those first few years. The first baby steps are always such a marvel to watch. I’ve been told when I was a year old my sisters taught me to walk by putting tubes of toothpaste in my hands to make me think I was holding onto something. It is a false security but it worked. I have given my grandchildren and children a toy to push until they feel comfortable on their own.
Often times when we learn or try a new skill we say “take it in baby steps.” I have found that to be true in most cases. It is easier on the mind and body to ease into something new that’s out of our comfort zone. The steps I have taken into unknown territory have been deliberate and conscience but not necessarily baby steps.
When I take the opportunity to listen to my heart and say “YES” to the things it calls me to do it often means take a leap. My fist trip to China was just that. I didn’t have time to ease into the discomfort or to take small steps I jumped in, committed, did what I had to do and jumped head first. It was not something I can say was easy or that everything fell into place. I had some very scary and uncomfortable moments where I questioned myself, my abilities and my sanity.
Just like a baby needs help in learning to walk, we might need assistance in accomplishing our dreams and visions. When we ask God or higher power to help us with a project we don’t always hear the answer right away it may come through someone else. When others respond with help I believe God sends them in answer to our request. When I was asked to put together a 5 week curriculum to teach in China using power point, I panicked. An answer to my prayer came in the form of a new friend who was my house guest. She helped me put them all together and taught me how to do power point.
When I have followed my heart and listened it has been terrifying and exhilarating. My feet take me where my heart leads. They have taken me to China four times, the Philippines and places in the U.S. and Canada. I’m a firm believer in being a “YES” to what our heart calls us to do. It may sound a little crazy but the rewards are great. Where have your feet taken you and where are you going?